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Ilana Jivago Inc. History
History About Ilana JIVAGO and the Company

I create Jivago fragrances from a place of pure love of giving; I create with the intention of enriching the wearer with all of life's blessings.

I believe in the energy that comes from intention and from the loving heart of giving. I know its magical effects. Fragrance enhances our experience of the spiritual world.

The sense of smell has the longest memory of all the senses. It is the first sense to be born in us and the last to remain. It has the power to transcend time.

One of the most vivid memories I have of my mother is the soft, warm and welcoming way she smelled. This was what inspired me to create 24K, my first fragrance, and continues to inspire me today.

It is my sincere hope that my fragrances will not only transcend time and help you to recall life's most treasured moments, but continually inspire you on your own wondrous journey in life. These inspirations led me to choose fragrance as a medium for my message.

With Love and Love for Creation,


ILANA JIVAGO Inc. is a vertically structured company - it is responsible for product design, component development, manufacturing, assembly, product marketing, sales and distribution.

ILANA JIVAGO Inc. has corporate and product design offices and its domestic distribution center in Beverly Hills California. Manufacturing and International distribution use to be up until end of 2007 in France. In December of 2007 have moved the Manufacturing operation to L.A California.

  Ilana V. Jivago, the President and Founder of JIVAGO Brand provides an empowering and exciting view into the future potential of the company and the overall mission of the organization.

Ilana Jivago believes in designing products that enhance personal relationships and make this a better world for everyone.  All JIVAGO products are trademarked, and the designs are patented.

24K for Women

• 1994 - Launched Internationally in Cannes

• 1995 – Launched Nationally on Mother's Day at High End Exclusive Department stores such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus

• 1996 - Nominated for innovative technology

The first line created by Ilana was the 24K fragrances for women and men.  The exquisite women's perfumes are originally encased in hand-crafted flacons The Fragrances contain 24 Karat gold leaves. Ilana introduced the gold as an ingredient in the fragrance to provide positive giving energy. The fragrances became in 1995 an overnight success.

The 24K women and men product line immediately found a home at NORDSTROM, NEIMAN MARCUS and BERGDORF GOODMAN, three of America's most prestigious retailers.

In 1996, the 24k women's and men's product lines were supplemented with body products also containing 24 Karat gold.  There are body lotions, body creams, bath beads, shower gels, body powders, candles and after-shave balms.


The FiFi Awards, celebrated annually, is the most prominent and prestigious celebratory event of the fragrance industry. Considered the "Oscars" of the fragrance industry, The FiFi® Awards showcase and honor the very best the fragrance world has to offer.

Competing to win are some of the big, the bold, instantly recognizable fragrance names, celebrity creations and collaborations. Every year hundreds of fragrances have been launched to the world's markets.

he Fragrance Hall of Fame award recognizes the fragrances that have stood the test of time and gained the status of a classic.

7 Notes & 7 Elements

In 1997, Ilana Jivago introduced two new product lines and brand names - 7 Notes for Woman and 7 Elements for Man - inspired by the unity of scent and sound and the power of 7 in creation.

Music, like perfumery is based on notes, Scent and Sound have an invisible, magic power to enter us and change our moods.  The original musical scores are included on a music CD that is available with the fragrances.

10% of the profits from 7 Notes & 7 Elements go toward helping schools and young musicians who cannot afford music instruments in their quest for music learning and creation.

In 1997 and 1998, distribution of JIVAGO expanded to include NORDSTROM, NEIMAN MARCUS, SAKS FIFTH AVE, DILLARD'S, MARSHALL FIELD'S, BERGDORF GOODMAN, BLOOMINGDALE'S and JACOBSON.  JIVAGO ranks as top 5 in some of these doors and a top 20 vendor in many. 


Millennium Hope

Millennium Hope Brings Message of Optimism to 21st Century

In 2000, the dawn of the millennium, Ilana Jivago, Founder and President of JIVAGO Couture Internationale unveiled Millennium Hope, a vibrant fragrance for women and men. Its circular design –nominated for a Fifi Award in 2001 for best packaging in both Women's and Men's categories – is symbolic of our planet and the power of the circle, representing unity and wholeness. The multi-faceted façade represents variety of life, and experiences on earth, while it's refreshing, energetic scent makes Millennium Hope a sexy, captivating fragrance to inspire women and men all over the world. 


When Ilana JIVAGO creates a new fragrance, it is a deeply personal endeavor.

            Connect, the newest incarnation from acclaimed Beverly Hills fragrance house JIVAGO, is inspired by creator Ilana JIVAGO’s desire to heal the disconnection felt worldwide after September 11th, 2001. With soft, welcoming scents for Women and Men, Connect encourages harmony and connection to love and life.
            “Connect was created to reunite, to foster understanding, and to provide hope for the future,” says Ilana JIVAGO, Founder and President of JIVAGO Couture Internationale. “Scent is the strongest of all our senses, the one we can use to regain connection with each other, and the one most closely tied to our memories.”

Gold Collection

Gold Collection for Women:

24K Gold & White Gold
• Launched in USA in 2011
• Launched Internationally in 2011

Rose Gold
• Launched in 2012

Gold Collection for Men:

24K Gold, White Gold, Red Gold
• Launched in 2012

The full Gold collection for Women and Men

• Introduced in 2012.


All JIVAGO fragrances launch as partner fragrances in the spirit of the Kissing J's and the Unity of Man and Woman. 

JIVAGO samples are provided on natural media, such as feathers.


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