JIVAGO Fragrances: Welcome to Luxury

My Dear Friend,

I create with a pure love of giving, to enrich the wearer of my creations with all of life’s blessings. I believe in the energy that comes from intention and kindness and I know its magical effects.

Fragrance enhances our experience of the world. Being the first sense to be born in us and the last to remain, the olfactive has the power to transcend time. One of the most vivid memories I have of my mother is her soft, warm and welcoming scent which inspired my first fragrance 24K for Women and continues to inspire me today.

It is my hope that whenever you wear the fragrances I create you will recall your own most treasured moments – to continually inspire you on your own wondrous journey in life.

With love and love for creation,

Ilana V. Jivago

About JIVAGO Brands

Celebrated by civilizations the world over for representing the sun’s gifts on earth, gold’s unique radiant shine has a powerful appeal. The genuine gold inside the JIVAGO fragrances harnesses this powerful energy to encourage you to share your own light and warmth with the world.

In 1994 Ilana Jivago founded JIVAGO Brands in Beverly Hills, releasing her first exclusive line of fragrances which became an immediate runaway success. As demand for Ilana’s unique sense of timeless beauty grew, her exclusive sense of elegant style delighted beautiful men and women the world over.

The success of 24k was followed by several award-winning creations which established JIVAGO as a leader in the world of fine fragrance, and with a horological collection of prestige timepieces bearing her name, a master of luxury also.

Ilana infuses all her work with hidden meaning. By using ancient wisdom to inform her designs, she creates fragrances to inspire cosmic harmony, designing products to enhance your experience of the world.

24K for Women

• 1994 –JIVAGO Fragrances 24k debuts in Cannes, France.

• 1995 – Launches nationally at major high-end US Department Stores

• 1996 – Nominated for a FiFi Award for the use of innovative technology

• 2012 – Recognized as an iconic classic fragrance by the Fragrance Foundation

24K for Women and for Men are Ilana’s first fragrances. Presented in in hand-crafted flacons that contain genuine 24-karat gold leaves, Ilana was the first to introduce gold as an integral feature inside a perfume, bestowing its positive giving energy. Launched at Nordstrom on Mothers’ Day in 1995, 24k is an overnight success.


The most prestigious industry event of the year, the Fragrance Foundation’s annual FiFi® Awards showcase and honor the very best that the fragrance world has to offer. These awards honor the most exquisite, groundbreaking, and noteworthy successes. In particular, the Hall of Fame award recognizes creations which have stood the test of time and gained the status of an iconic classic.

1st Place

Faubourg – Hermés

Beauté Prestige International
2nd Place


3rd Place

Elizabeth Arden – Red Door

Elizabeth Arden

7 Notes & 7 Elements

Inspired both by the power of the number seven and the connection between scent and sound, in 1997 Ilana introduces two new fragrances – 7 Notes for Women and 7 Elements for Men.

Just like perfumery, music is based on an arrangement of notes. Both scent and sound alike have an invisible, magical power to enter us affecting our emotional state. Also an accomplished musician, Ilana scored original music to accompany the promotional campaigns for these award-winning fragrances which featured prominently both on 5th Avenue in New York and the Champs Elysee in Paris.

10% of the profit from these fragrances goes towards helping provide schools and young musicians with musical instruments supporting their quest for music, learning, and creation.

With customers easily able to discern JIVAGO fragrances being distinguished as they are by the use of such high-quality ingredients, in 1997 and 1998, distribution expands considerably both at home and abroad as demand for Ilana’s exclusive fragrances increases worldwide and they soar in popularity with launches following in Dubai, the Gulf, Switzerland, across Europe, and at other prestigious world destinations.

Millennium Hope

Millennium Hope Brings A Message of Optimism to the 21st Century.

To celebrate the dawn of a new millennium, in the year 2000 Ilana released another creation: Millennium Hope. These vibrant fragrances – whose prismatic design which would be nominated for a Fifi Award in 2001 for Best Packaging in both Women’s and Men’s categories – is symbolic of our planet and draws from the mathematic power of the circle representing unity and wholeness. The multi-faceted flacon represents variety in life and experience, with a refreshing and energetic scent to inspire women and men all over the world heading into the new decade.


Creating a new fragrance is very much a personal endeavor for Ilana Jivago. Her next fragrance Connect was inspired by her desire to heal the disconnection she felt worldwide after 9/11. With their soft, welcoming scents Connect for Women and Connect for Men encourage harmony and connection to love and to life.

“Connect was created to reunite, to foster understanding, and to provide hope for the future,” shares Ilana. “Scent is the strongest of all our senses, one we can use to regain connection with each other.”

Gold Collection

In 2011 and 2012, Ilana expanded the JIVAGO signature Golden Collection to include new fragrances both for men and women inspired by different shades of gold. Featuring new editions of her iconic bottle design, editions so far include elegant and chic white gold and playful flirtatious rose gold respectively.

Unique presentation

Not only are the fragrances distinctive and the packaging unique, but another memorable and unique talking point of JIVAGO fragrances is how they are often presented to the customer not on a blotter, but a marabou feather. Not only does this add a unique touch of glamour to the experience but being an organic medium more accurately demonstrates how the fragrance will perform on skin than blotting paper would – it also retains the scent better that you can take it home to continue to fall in love with the fragrances you discovered until you decide which you cannot live without!!

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