The very first JIVAGO fragrance became an instant sensation: 24K for Women remains a best-seller more than a decade and a half after its launch

“JIVAGO 24K Gold by Ilana Jivago is purely feminine, a mysterious floral blend, weaving a tale of mystery and pure sensual desire. Its bottle shape is very unusual. The masculine base (a sculptured rock), represents the physical world. The feminine, 8-faceted diamond bottle represents both infinity and the spiritual world. Together, the rock and bottle represent the power of the physical and spiritual worlds uniting as one and of the union of male and female energy being one. ”

“Ilana V. JIVAGO is not only a successful Beverly Hills & Paris company president behind her attractive and six times FiFi award nominations for best innovative technology and fragrance packaging, we also discover a woman with an authentic spirituality and a vision that encompasses present world issues.”